Elen Soul was born and grew up in the Northern Caucasus, Russia. From the early childhood, Elen began experiencing obsession with drawing. When she was a kid, she dreamed of becoming a painter. Before she got admitted to the university, she was educating herself how to draw and paint. When Elen was a teenager, she was obsessed with graphics, pencil and charcoal drawing, and portraits. From the very beginning, she was seeing the world in her own personal way. 

After school, Elen went to the university in Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Region. She studied at the department of design. After 6 years of studies, she graduated from the university and received a diploma with honors. During her university years, Elen was trying herself in different professions. She worked part-time in the advertising agency as the advertisement designer, did 3D modeling, interior design, worked in the newspaper office as a layout designer, tried herself as a tattoo artist. At the same time, Elen was painting pictures and portraits to order. 

When Elen obtained her higher education, she moved to Moscow and started her career in tattooing. During 7 years of work, Elen became well known in Russia as well as outside of the country. She visited and participated in numerous tattoo conventions in Russia and Europe. Elen works closely together with a number of world known tattoo equipment producers. 

In 2019, Elen came back to painting and chose surrealism as the main direction of her artwork besides portraits.

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